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Investing in Hotels Project in Senegal: SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel

Lets explore the Option of Investing in Hotels Project in Senegal .The SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel is a visionary project that offers luxury and elegance in Senegal. Learn how you can invest in Africa’s hospitality future.

Saint Louis Project Commences Construction in Summer 2024.

Investing in Hotels projects in Senegal

Investing in hotels is a lucrative opportunity for anyone looking to tap into the growing tourism market in Senegal. The West African country has been attracting more visitors every year, thanks to its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and stable economy. Senegal also has a strategic location as a regional hub, with a new airport and improved infrastructure. The government has set an ambitious goal of reaching three million tourists by 2023, and is supporting the development of the hospitality sector with various incentives and plans.One of the most promising hotel projects in Senegal is the SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel, located in the historic city of Saint-Louis, near the newly-discovered gas fields.

The SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel is a joint venture between SANE Group, a leading Senegalese real estate developer, and Saint Louis SARL, a local company with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. The project has secured financing from reputable sources, and has obtained all the necessary permits and approvals. The construction is expected to start in 2024, and the hotel is scheduled to open in 2026.

If you are interested in investing in hotels in Senegal, the SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel is an ideal choice. You will not only enjoy a high return on your investment, but also contribute to the social and economic development of Senegal. To learn more about this project, please contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with more details and answer any questions you may have.


Why Investing in Hotels Project in Senegal: SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel

SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel provides an exciting opportunity for investors in Senegal looking to invest in a luxurious hotel project located in Saint Louis . This investment opportunity offers many features and benefits including:

Saint Louis Project

How Can Investors Participate in Hotels Project in Senegal: SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel ?

If you are considering investing in the SANE Saint Louis SARL Hotel, we invite you to reach out to us.We would be more than happy to share more details about the project such as its business plan, financial projections, legal framework and investment options with you. Do not miss this chance to invest in Senegal and be part of Africa’s hospitality future! Connect with us now, and help create a greener and brighter future in Senegal and Africa as a whole!

Key Features

Premier Accommodations


Info On The Project Site


The proposed site on the banks of the Senegal River is undeveloped and adjacent to a residential quarter. The local community uses the plot for light farming and is not connected to the municipality grid.


The proposed plot is too big at 50,000 sqm for only a hotel, and the possibility of splitting the sites should be investigated as the Hotel would require a relatively small plot.


The site is prone to flooding during the rainy season, but these issues can be mitigated during the civil and ground works during construction.

Hotel Market

Saint Louis Hotel Market Overview

Demand Determination

Limited corporate activity in the market due to few demand generators. Potential to increase with increased energy sector projects.

Limited demand and not as prevalent as Dakar and Diamniadio. Few regional entities and consulates.

Existing hotels do not have sufficient rooms and meeting facilities to cater to the MICE segment. New hotel with proper facilities can improve this.

Mainly domestic demand, with few international travelers. Popular travel season between November and June for birdwatching season.

Opportunities for the Saint Louis hotel market will rely on:

  • The growth of corporate room night demand from gas sector contractors and suppliers.
  • The increase in leisure travelers impeded by insufficient road and air connectivity from Dakar and the limited marketing appeal of the market. A new hotel development can induce room night demand, but pricing and positioning will be determining factors.

Factors Influencing Hotel Demand in Saint Louis

Quality of Hotel Product

The perceived quality of the supply and guest experiences play a role in hotel bookings in Saint Louis. Rooms in the market are below quality levels in Dakar and Saly, with limited options and alternatives available. Traveler hotel choices are based on facilities, convenience, and location on Saint Louis Island.

Proximity to Demand Generator

Not a determinant factor due to limited high-profile sites and products. The market is not congested, and getting around is accessible throughout the day. There are a few properties near beach, but not as appealing or attractive as Saly.


Saint Louis visitors are price sensitive, creating a market rate ceiling despite variations in the quality of facilities and services. Guests have various options at different prices, with most hotels achieving rack rates below USD 80 per night. Travelers will stay at hotels within their
budget, regardless of location or quality.

Safety & Security

Security and safety features are critical factors for international corporates, but given Saint Louis’ peaceful nature, it is not a driving factor for leisure travelers. Few existing properties fulfill the requirements of global corporate travel policies.

Faces of Saint Louis

Our Project Team and Partners

Are You Ready to Invest?

Elevate your investment portfolio with the Saint Louis SARL Brand Hotel. Seize the opportunity to be a part of a distinguished project that merges luxury with unparalleled hospitality. Your investment not only ensures financial growth but also contributes to the success of a groundbreaking venture. Ready to redefine your investment journey?

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